EMMS has some some great news which we’d like to share with you –  something which can bring benefit to your practice and patients alike, combined with providing you with an opportunity to expand your clinical role.
EMMS are working with The Stoneygate Eye Hospital to provide greater accessibility for private referrals – for cataract surgery, lens exchange and laser eye surgery – by
using the EyeV platform to streamline the referral pathway, enabling you as the referring optometrist to track referrals and also be part of the patients post-operative management care. 
The Stoneygate Eye Hospital is the only dedicated, comprehensive, private eye Hospital within the East Midlands – it’s led by a team of University Hospital Leicester (UHL) consultants, each highly experienced within their respective fields of Ophthalmology – having a depth and breadth of experience in providing treatments and care, for a range of eye conditions. 

From 1st April you as individuals and practices, will be able to sign up to our Private Patients Referral pathway – with increasing NHS waiting times, many patients are wanting to explore the private option for their eyecare.  The Stoneygate Eye Hospital offers no waiting lists for patients, meaning that patients can usually book in for consultations, and subsequent surgeries, within weeks.  

EMMS is collaborating with The Stoneygate Eye Hospital and have created a co-management service, for a range of treatments – cataract eye surgery, laser eye surgery and lens exchange – enabling the patients to receive their post operative care from your practice.   We’re cognisant of commercial considerations – the remuneration fee for patient co-management care is £75 per eye  (post operative assessment & completion of the online report using EyeV)

We’re aware that introducing private referral options to your patients, maybe something new to you and we can help with strategies around doing this – but offering information and options, leads to better informed patients which in turn increases satisfaction and strengthens their relationship with your practice.

Attached is an information leaflet from The Stoneygate Eye Hospital explaining more about their services – we see this an exciting opportunity for practices to develop an additional income stream for their business, along with providing patients choice around their eyecare.  

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