EYEV was designed as part of a deep collaboration between optometrists, ophthalmologist and technology specialists. This means it's easy to use and secure, without compromising user-friendliness.


EYEV is cross platform. It's a fantastic experience both in our web app, and our native apps for iOS and Android. And, with integration with the Health and Social Care Network and its services, EYEV reduces duplication.

Electronic referrals

Referrals are made automatically by the clinician, without needing to refer to additional administrative staff for support. EYEV automatically determines whether makes a referral using e-RS, EYEV e-refer, or by secure email accredited to the secure email standard.

Powerful e-consultation platform

EYEV doesn't just process referrals – it's also a powerful e-consultation platform, which allows tele medical appointments by telephone, live chat or video to be set up directly in the platform.


Live instant messaging on the web, iOS and Android apps between clinicians, secondary care and GP practices within EYEV facilitates the best possible communication between clinicians, negating the need for email.

Health and Social Care Network Integration

EYEV is integrated with the Health and Social Care Network (formerly the N3 network), which means that the platform is designed to be integrated with NHS services such as the Personal Demographics Service and the e-Referral service.

Don’t just take our word for it

Let’s take a look at EYEV’s web and native mobile apps. Our platform directors take you through the e-referrals, as well as the notification and chat features in our iPhone app.